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From Van Helsing and The Goonies to The Truman Show, fans on Reddit would love to see sequels to these movies, but it sadly hasn’t happened yet.
Multiplexes are generally chock full of sequels all year round. Even with there just being two months left of 2021, audiences still have the fourth Matrix movie, the third Ghostbusters movie, and the third MCU Spider-Man movie to look forward to. However, not every film is given the same treatment, and there are many films with great sequel potential that are just left by the wayside.
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Many Reddit users have jumped at the chance to voice their opinions about movies that should have gotten sequels. Between a follow-up to the negatively received Van Helsing and the most satisfying comedy-drama of the ’90s, The Truman Show, there are some surprising picks.
The Adventures of Tintin was a massively ambitious movie, as it’s completely CGI and uses motion captures, and with a huge budget of $135 million, it is unsurprising that the studio wants to take that risk again. However, it was such an entertaining movie and one that goes overlooked in director Steven Spielberg’s filmography.
It seemed like it was going to be the start of a long-running Tintin movie series, with Peter Jackson slated to direct, but it’s been stuck in development hell for years. And no one wants the movie more than Redditor Pretorian24, who makes a great point that the film “is the most Indiana Jones since The Last Crusade.” There’s nothing else quite like its kind of adventure movie, and a Tintin sequel could have carried Indy’s torch.
Over the past few years, one of the most underrated buddy-comedy movies to come out is the Shane Black-written and directed movie, The Nice Guys. It was a hilarious mystery movie, as two detectives who have very different approaches and work ethics work together. Redditor Dr_GoodHead wants to see a sequel, noting that it was “so refreshing when it came out.” And to the Redditor’s credit, the end of the movie did hint at a sequel.
However, though Black might have wanted to make a sequel, it was probably the poor box office performance that stopped it from happening. But as the movie is a spiritual sequel to Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a comedy thriller that also saw an odd couple-like team attempt to uncover a mystery, the director could make another spiritual sequel. As Black is so good at writing that kind of film, he’ll likely return to the buddy-cop genre again, and even if it isn’t a The Nice Guys sequel, it’ll still fill that void.
The Goonies is a fun family adventure, and they don’t make them like that anymore. TheCoil is one of many Redditors who loves the movie so much that they wanted to see a sequel in quick succession after the original’s release. The user makes a great point that “If that movie had been made today, they would have already had plans to make two more.”
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As the film followed a group of unique kids in search of pirate treasure, there could have been a whole lineage of adventure movies in the series at this point by now. It’d be hard to make a sequel now, as all of the main characters would probably be grandparents as so much time has passed.
Strangely enough, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has quite a fan following on Reddit despite being so hated by both audiences and critics. There are actually users who believe that it’s one of the best movies rated under 6.0 on IMDb. And now, camerontbelt thinks the movie deserves a sequel, explaining that when they rewatched as an adult they “still loved it and couldn’t understand why there was never a sequel.”
In fairness, just because the first movie was regarded as bad doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a sequel, as it’s based on a series of beloved comic books full of fascinating stories. Not only that, but The Suicide Squad proved that there can be great sequels to less-liked original movies.
Though it isn’t set during Halloween, Beetlejuice has become a go-to movie to watch during the season, as it’s just as fun and theatrical as it is scary. The movie may be a brisk 90 minutes, but it’s so entertaining and above all else, it makes fans crave a sequel. Blamatina puts it best by reminding people that “it already has the perfect setup for a joke that’s been incubating for a long time.”
The Redditor is referring to Beetlejuice waiting for his number to be called in the waiting room at the end of the movie. There have actually been talks about a sequel for decades, and any tiny bit of news makes fans drool at the thought of the follow-up. The original idea for the Beetlejuice sequel was that Beetlejuice would travel to Hawaii, but at this point, it’s doubtful that it’ll ever happen.
Not many people will have heard of The Rocketeer, as it was a box office bomb when it was first released in 1991, but it’s actually one of the best Disney sci-fi movies. The film is about a stunt pilot who becomes a superhero when he finds a rocket-powered jet pack.
As the first movie had a period setting, being based in the 1930s, bionicbbx thinks of the possible ways a sequel could interpolate real-life events. They say that they’d “enjoy either a WW2 or Cold War space race era Rocketeer follow up.” Though Disney has more billion-dollar movies under its belt than any other studio, its track record with sci-fi movies isn’t great, but making a new one based on an existing property could change that.
Just like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing is another negatively received sci-fi movie with a high concept. The movie follows the vampire hunter as he takes on his biggest nemesis of all, Dracula, and the film still has its fans today.
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Reddit user Bloobybabby would love to see a sequel to the 2004 movie, stating that, “it’s far from perfect, it needed some tweaks, but it could’ve been a great franchise.” It’s a little too late for a sequel now, but though the follow-up won’t happen, there is currently a reboot in development with Julius Avery attached to direct.
Though it’s a reboot of the classic British 1969 movie of the same name, The Italian Job did a great job of being a standalone movie unattached to the original. It also featured brilliant great characters, including explosives expert Left Ear, played by rapper Mos Def.
It might be a very niche pitch, as gizmo1492 wants a follow-up to the remake, but a very specific one. The Redditor states that they “still want that Mos Def Italian Job sequel,” and though it isn’t a movie many people are asking for, it has the potential to be something great.
Ancient_Document_704 thinks outside the box about their pick of movies that should have gotten sequels. While there’s no end to Spider-Man content, whether it’s on the big screen or in award-winning video games, the Redditor is still disheartened that Sony canceled Spider-Man 4.
They aren’t talking about a sequel to No Way Home, as the user specifically states, “I still want Raimi’s Spider-Man 4,” and to their credit, Raimi had a very vivid and unique filmmaking style. However, as there are so many No Way Home fan theories and rumors, the Redditor may get somewhat of a Spider-Man 4 in the upcoming film. And Raimi is returning to the superhero genre too, as he’s directing Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.
The Truman Show is a classic and everybody knows the story, as it’s about a reality show that follows Truman, who is unknowing of the whole thing. At the end of the movie, he finds out that his whole life is a lie and he knows nothing about the real world.
Criminalcocktails thinks the story is only half told, as they believe a sequel could “explore his life after leaving the set and then the realization that he’s in a world of celebrity-obsessed culture.” It’d be a dark turn, but still realistic, and as the film is more relevant today than it ever has, there’s no better time for a sequel than now.
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