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If you’re looking to prank your friends with some online tech or hacking pranks, here are seven geeky sites to help you do just that!
If you're looking to play a digital prank on your friends, you don't have to be an expert at computers! There are plenty of geeky prank sites that you can use to play a fun joke on your friends.
If you want to satisfy the inner troll in you but don't want to go too overboard, we have just what you need! From a hacker prank simulator to a fake hacking website, here are seven geeky prank sites to fool your friends!
Pranx is one of the most hilarious prank websites. When you log on to its hacker prank simulator, you'll see a number of screens that appear to be running different hacker programs.
On the top right, you'll see different icons, including serious events like:
The site uses the classic Matrix color scheme of green and black, which gives the website a pretty ominous feel. That's exactly what you want if you want to pull off a convincing hacker prank. The website works equally well on mobile devices too.
Pranx's Bitcoin miner makes it seem as if you are actively mining Bitcoin. There's even a live feed (albeit looping video) showing a bank being robbed! The hacker programs are pretty convincing, too. If you open the “Nuclear Plant” program, it'll show you a control screen with values and levels that continue to change randomly.
It has a very Windows 95 feel to it, but that's what makes it so convincing! There are a bunch of alerts that you can set up on this hacker prank simulator, too, including stuff like:

If you want people to think that you are some high-level hacker or coding expert, Hacker Typer is just what you need to pull off the ultimate prank. This is the ideal prank to pull on a colleague who won't stop staring at your screen. Even if you don't know a line of code, Hacker Typer will ensure that you come off as some top-level coding expert.
The website has a black background, with a blinking cursor on the top left. Press any key, and you'll start writing code like a pro. Obviously, the code is gibberish, but those prying eyes don't know any better!
After a brief period, the website automatically shows an “Access Denied” error, making it seem as if you were trying to hack into some top-secret database!
You can customize the font, size, speed, and colors of the website as you see fit. The site also has a series of links for people who want to learn more about cybersecurity, which is a nice touch.
GeekPrank is another nerdy website that you can use to pull a fun prank on your friends. The interface looks exactly like Windows XP, so it's a fun way to make your friends think that you've replaced their operating system.
There are a bunch of pranking options too, including options like:
It even displays the Blue Screen of Death at random intervals and appears to restart automatically. The cursor is automatically hidden on the site when doing so. If you keep it full screen, your friend will never know what happened to their computer unless you tell them, or they minimize the screen involuntarily!
Next on the list is WhatsFake. Simply put, this is a fake chat generator. You can customize each and every aspect of the screen, from the profile picture of the chats to the phone clock.
If you want to create a really convincing WhatsApp message to prank your friends, this is a fun website to use. It's not a fake hacking website, but if you can really sell the message, there's really no shortage of ways to prank your friends with this geeky site.
If you want to come off as a retro web user before your friends, try Google Terminal. It was created to illustrate how Google might have looked in the early '80s, and the inspiration is uncanny. You can add search strings and press keys to run searches.
It even references relics like the Commodore 64 and the Apple II. In keeping with the theme, your cursor won't work on the website, so all features are accessible via the keyboard.
It's a hilarious take on how Google might have looked more than thirty years ago. There are also a bunch of other display options, including:
Who doesn't hate those random Windows updates? If you want to pull a fun prank on your friend's computer that simulates the update screen, Fake Update is just what you need. When you log on, you will have the option of selecting one of several loading screens. The site has options like:
Just select one, and it'll automatically hide the cursor and start running an update, which never actually finishes. Just put it full-screen when your friend goes away from their desk for a bit, and watch them get angry at their computer screen.
Shady URL is a hilarious website that cloaks your links into shady stuff. As you can see above, it turned Twitter into a very suspicious link. You can send these links to your friends and watch them freak out, especially if they are on a monitored network.
If you find yourself getting increasingly bored with time, start having a bit of fun with these geeky prank sites. Sites like the hacker prank simulator or GeekPrank are ideal to try out if you want to blow a bit of steam off of work.
If you have a bit of spare time, you can also learn a few fun DIY hobbies that don't even require a lot of space!
Learning new hobbies is great for work-life balance. If you’re tight on space, these geeky DIY hobbies are great!
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