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Albany County
ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today provided the latest update on the county’s progress on vaccinations and controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. 
As of Friday, November 5, 72.9% of all Albany County residents have received at least the first dose of the vaccine, and 66.9% have been fully vaccinated. The first dose vaccination rate for the county’s 18+ population is now up to 84.0%. More information on vaccination rates around the state can be found at the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker.
County Executive McCoy announced that the total number of confirmed cases of COVID in Albany County is now at 31,857 to date, with 103 new positive cases identified since Friday, November 5. The county’s five-day average of new daily positive cases is now down to 83.6.
Please note that our overall case count will fluctuate as CommCare records are transferred in and out of the county. Albany County’s most recent seven-day average of percent positive rate is now up to 3.3% and the Capital Region’s average is up to 4.0%.
Among the new daily cases of COVID identified in the county, 19 had close contacts to positive cases, 81 did not have clear sources of infection at this time, and three are healthcare workers or residents of congregate living settings.
There are now 520 active cases in the county, down from 544 Friday, November 5. The number of people under mandatory quarantine decreased to 1,153 from 1,164. So far 99,763 people have completed quarantine to date. Of those who completed quarantine, 31,337 of them had tested positive and recovered – an increase of 120 additional recoveries.
County Executive McCoy reported that there was one new hospitalization since yesterday, and there are now a total of 30 county residents currently hospitalized with the Coronavirus. 10 of those hospital patients are in ICU’s, unchanged from yesterday. There are new COVID deaths and the death toll for Albany County stands at 427 since the outbreak began.
Anyone eligible to receive a COVID vaccine booster dose and would like to receive one from the Albany County Department of Health will be required to provide their vaccination card or the Excelsior Pass Plus in order to view the formula type, lot number, and date of the inoculation. More information on the booster dose can be found at the New York State website here.
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