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Do you need to get more customers and rank your business high on Google searches? The internet can help you with so many free tools and resources. All you have to do is understand how to use them to benefit your business!
We will list several of these methods you can do online without spending a dime. For better results, you may want to pay for other services too. That way, you can create and launch the best marketing strategy your business deserves.
Your potential customers will often find you while searching for stuff on Google. That’s why your brand should be prepared to make the most out of online traffic. Attract new customers and keep them with the following tips and tricks!
LeadAdvisors lead generation sales funnel
We need to talk about something else besides getting more customers and ranking your business. That is how to make and improve your sales funnel.

It often has four parts: attention, interest, decision, and action. However, you can make a different one depending on your business needs. Let’s learn more about them below:
If you’re not pulling in enough customers, you may have to speak with your marketing team. Review your sales funnel to see points for improvement.
What’s more, the following techniques might help your marketing strategy. See if there are methods that can help your marketing campaign.


#2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What does it mean to “rank your business” on Google? You may think it’s on top of Google search results. But how can you do it?
Start by learning how your target market searches on the platform. Pick up the search terms they often use. Then, it’s a matter of targeting keywords on your online content.
This means placing those words in your blogs, webpages, and other online materials. That way, you’re more likely to rank higher in Google.
You don’t even have to do it yourself. The right digital marketing agency can improve your SEO ranking. Some like LeadAdvisors can even give you a free website audit.
#3. Acquire a “Google My Business” listing
If you’re wondering why your competitors are getting more customers, look them up on Google. The platform may show their business profile, along with their map location and other details.
You may also get that for your business with a “Google My Business” account. Fill in your business category to rank your business higher! Then, optimize your Google listing for search results.
The next time people look for local businesses, yours will show up on the first page. Verify your business listing and include these important details:
If you don’t want to include a phone number, place an email address or homepage link. That way, people across the web can easily reach out to you.
To rank even higher, you may want to perform the other ways of attracting customers below. Keep in mind that your methods must match your business needs.
#4. Reply to reviews
Your business listing will eventually receive Google reviews. Some will praise your company. Others will say meaner things. Yet, you have to respond to customer reviews either way.
Replying to positive reviews makes satisfied customers feel even better about your brand. They may appreciate your reply. In turn, they might be more willing to buy from you again.
On the other hand, responding to negative comments shows you’re involved with customers. Address their issues, and you may convert haters to buyers!
Of course, you can’t stop getting more customers. The internet lets you expand your target market nowadays. Why limit yourself? One of the tried and tested methods may help you.
We’re talking about email. Send them to people that may like your products and services. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming as well. Online platforms may automate your email marketing.
On the other hand, you may retain existing customers with emails. Even better, use SEO on the messages too! It may contain news about exclusive promos or new offerings.
You might have an ad-blocker to get rid of banners on websites. However, you might want to use them for business too. After all, your target market also goes to other websites.
Find out which ones they visit. Then, see if you may place banner ads on those websites. Moreover, Google also lets you place ads on search results.
Make your Google ads appear whenever people search for certain terms. You may want to place ads on other websites, too, especially social media.
#7. Social media marketing
Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any combination of these. That’s why your brand should be present on these platforms.
It should have a profile, complete with company details and updates. Also, you should assign someone to handle your page. They must respond to customer queries promptly and properly.
What’s more, you should have ads there. Thankfully, LeadAdvisors can handle your Facebook advertising needs. They’ll handle the SEO, so your content is ready to go!
#8. Spread guest posts and sponsored content
Blogs can help inform people about your products and services. Potential customers may look to them to solve their problems. Meanwhile, the article presents your brand as a solution.

Your content may show up as guest posts on other websites. That way, you reach people that frequent that site. Meanwhile, you’re helping the host website publish more content.
For better results, publish your articles as sponsored content. In other words, make it seem like content that naturally came from that site. You’ll generate more online traffic that way!
Again, LeadAdvisors can help you write and publish high-quality content. The company has the experts for the job. Check their website for more information.
From shopping, to entertainment to education, the digital age has revolutionized nearly every aspect of everyday life!
Clever marketers are aware of this & have adopted new, innovative…
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Let’s say you’ve followed all the previous steps. Yet, you want to get more customers and rank your business even higher. If that’s so, it’s time to check your domain authority.
It gauges how well your websites perform on search engine rank pages or SERPs. You’ll have to use several tools for auditing your pages. This means spending a lot of time and effort.
Alternatively, LeadAdvisors can help yet again! Their experts can deal with all the legwork of checking and optimizing your website.

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Hopefully, these help you get more customers and rank your business higher on Google searches. However, we haven’t covered every technique available!
Affiliate marketing is another way you can promote your business. You may get others to promote your business. Your program may pay them per sale or per lead.
More importantly, keep on improving your marketing strategy. There’s always a way to make your campaign gain more customers and sales.
Make sure your brand appears in relevant searches. That way, people are more likely to notice your brand while looking for stuff on the internet. SEO can help you do this.
Appear on local search results. In other words, make sure people click your brand when they’re looking for nearby products and services. Keep your customers by constantly providing them with better stuff.
Create a listing on “Google My Business.” That way, relevant searches will emphasize your brand in the search results. Moreover, place your content on other websites.
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