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IF you've ever suspected someone is stalking you on Facebook, you may want to try this hack.
The trick has been demonstrated in a popular TikTok video and involves you positing a public story to your Facebook account.
TikToker @sandsal956 made a short video about the trick.
The TikTok starts with a voice over stating: "Here's how to check whose viewed your public story on Facebook.
"The majority of these people aren't my friends nor have I messaged them."
To try the trick you need to post a Facebook story that you're happy for strangers to see as well as your Facebook friends.
On the app, click 'Add to Story' at the top of your NewsFeed and then upload a video or picture.
You select the audience for your story in the bottom left of the screen and you need to make sure you click 'Public'.
Then click 'Share' and wait a few hours so people have a chance to view the story.
The TikTok then instructs you to "open messenger" and then "press your Picture".
You'll then told to "press story" and then "custom select audience".
Here you'll find all the names of the people who have viewed your story so far.
As you've set your story to public, you might notice a few people who aren't your Facebook friend but are keeping an eye on what you're up to.
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