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BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — Lt. Malachi Brown of Baxter Springs Fire was critically injured fighting a fire Oct. 15. He has continued to face health challenges in a Springfield burn unit. We will place updates here on his medical condition. Scroll below for fundraising efforts.
The Baxter Springs Fire Auxiliary and Baxter Springs Fire Department would like to thank this amazing community for the support that they showed the Brown family today. It is amazing to see a community come together and rally for one of its own. Today we served 722 meals and loved every minute of it. This is a fantastic community. Thank you.” — BSF AUX (the fundraising group supporting the Baxter Springs Volunteer Fire Dept)
Edit: This is wonderful!! Thank you all for your support for this family!! Keep sharing and let’s see how much we can…
“The dinner was a huge success. Thank you everyone for coming.” – Baxter Springs Fire Auxiliary
NOV. 2 UPDATE: “Posting an update without positive progress is hard. I have a hard time when there isn’t much “good” going on. I have no doubt once he is able to wake up his healing process will speed up tremendously. If you know Malachi Brown, then you know he doesn’t do anything halfway. He has been struggling through the last couple days. He is back on the VDR ventilator, still sedated, and back on the paralytic. His lungs have gotten quite a bit worse, instead of better. His ARDS is “Severe” and his pneumonia hasn’t really changed. His body just needs more time to rest. He has developed a second pneumothorax in his upper, anterior lung and they placed another chest tube. His BTM’s on both upper arms now have mostly failed and have infection. The grafts that have taken, are doing really great. His kidneys, are still something they are watching but not as big of a concern at this point. They are treating his lungs and infections very aggressively. He is definatly a fighter and doing ok right now, for the condition he is in.” – Jessica Brown

OCT. 28 UPDATE: “Malachi was able to switch to a conventional vent today. He is still sedated/ventilated but this is great news! He is still having some issues with his kidneys, blood pressure and his lungs will take quite a while to heal. His Dr. said, he is still in very critical condition, he thinks he is finally starting to head up the mountain. This will undoubtedly be a long journey, a roller coaster with ups and downs, but I am calling this day a WIN. Thank you all for taking on this journey with us. We are so blessed.” — Jessica Brown 
OCT. 25 UPDATE: “About 80% of the grafts that were placed are appearing to have adhered. He is still sedated and ventilated. Along with the pneumonia he now has ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrom). The main focus right now is his lungs. The secondary focus is the BTM placed on his left arm, he has developed an infection. They are treating both his lungs and arm aggressively. He is still in very critical condition, every thought and prayer is appreciated.” — Jessica Brown
THE BROWN FAMILY … Malachi and Jessica Brown family have three children. He has been in a medically induced coma since the fire. And obviously they have lost their income. There are many ways to donate. We list them below and will continue to update. 
INKED IN GRAPHICS: “All proceeds will go to any expenses his family may accrue.”
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BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan — The community is coming together to show its support for a Baxter Springs Firefighter who was injured on duty.
Saturday afternoon the Fire Department held a benefit for Lieutenant Malachi Brown and his family.
JOPLIN, Mo. — Hundreds spent Saturday afternoon walking to raise awareness about suicide.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention held its 4th annual Joplin Out of the Darkness Walk in Landreth Park Saturday afternoon.
BAXTER SPRINGS & GALENA, Ks. — While the celebration may not be until Thursday, two Southeast Kansas communities partnered together to honor local veterans.
Saturday morning kicked off the annual Lions Club Veterans day parade in Baxter Springs and Galena.


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