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HEARNE, Texas (KBTX) – Members of a local animal shelter tell KBTX the organization’s Facebook page has been hacked and they’re currently working to retain ownership of the page.
“Last night someone hacked our Facebook page, changed the email address associated with it, and put a new application for adoption on the page,” said Kathi Koppenhaver. “They also changed the real admin people to analysts and made three other people administrators on the page.”
The organization that was hacked is the Handsful on Purpose Enterprises (HOPE) Animal Shelter.
Koppenhaver says whoever is responsible has already posted two fake animal adoption posts.
She’s now asking visitors to the page NOT to fill out any applications on any of the adoption posts.
“When we arrived at work this morning we were inundated with calls, texts, etc. about this and one person even sent a deposit, which we do not require and didn’t receive, of $300,” said Koppenhaver. “I have sent out a message on my personal Facebook and made it public so that people who are followers would know about the scam.”
Koppenhaver is hoping to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.
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