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It’s Midday at the Movies, our monthly look at films and filmmaking, with Ann Hornaday, film critic for the Washington Post and author of the best-selling movie-goers’ guide,Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies; and Jed Dietz, the founding director of the Maryland Film Festival and Parkway Theater.
How are independent movie houses faring as COVID numbers go down? Have you headed back to theaters yet? And what does the tragedy on the set of the film Rust tell us about how movies are being made during the pandemic? We’ll have tips on new films to check out, too, from Dune (Part One) and King Richard to The French Dispatch, Souvenir II and Belfast, plus two new documentaries, Attica and Julia.
Let us know what films you’ve been watching!
Ann Hornaday joins us on our digital line; Jed Dietz joins us on Zoom.


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