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Silenced, The Fortress, and Miss Granny are all coming to Netflix
Hwang Dong-hyuk is known for more than just the Netflix hit Squid Game, which garnered 111 million viewers in its first 17 days on the service. He previously directed several critically acclaimed South Korean films, three of which Netflix is adding.
Before bringing the visually astounding and socially relevant Squid Game to life, Hwang Dong-hyuk directed several acclaimed South Korean feature films — and now, three of those movies are available on Netflix in The US!
Based on real events, Dong-hyuk’s Silenced centers around a teacher who just started working at a school for the hearing impaired. When he discovers that its faculty members have been abusing the students, he works to bring the truth to light, only to realize the surrounding community is willing to cover it up.
Miss Granny is a lot more lighthearted when compared to Squid Game and Silenced, following a 74-year-old woman who escapes her future of confinement at a retirement home in an unusual way. After wandering into a strange photo studio and getting her picture taken, she walks out as a 20-year-old woman.
The Fortress is the most recent of the three, coming out in 2017. It transports you all the way back to 17th century Korea during the Qing invasion of Joseon, when King Injo and his court are forced to retreat into a fortress known as Namhansanseong.
All three of these films are available on Netflix for viewers in the US. While they may not reach the same level of popularity that Squid Game has, they may help hold us over while we wait for season two.
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