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French and Israeli diplomats may have agreed (as the Wire reports) that NSO Group’s Pegasus intercept tool will no longer target French phone numbers, but Pegasus remains controversially active elsewhere. The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab has found that a device belonging to New York Times’ Beirut Bureau chief Ben Hubbard was twice infected with Pegasus. The infections occurred after Hubbard complained to NSO Group that Saudi Pegasus operators had targeted him in June 2018, while he reported on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The subsequent infections occurred in July 2020 and June 2021. Responsibility for the last two incidents is unknown. Hubbard argues that such anti-terrorism tools are too easily abused.
eSentire reports a marked upswing in SolarMarker infestations. Whereas the information stealer had hitherto relied upon Blogspot, Google Sites, and content delivery networks to host malicious files, the campaigns using SolarMarker have begun recently making increased use of compromised WordPress sites.
Microsoft has identified extensive new activities by Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service, which the company tracks as Nobelium and others know as Cozy Bear. The current operations, which Microsoft describes as “very large,” and “ongoing,” show no signs of abating. (NSA cyber director Joyce tweeted a link with approval, and advice.)
A study of ransomware released this morning by Digital Shadows concludes that the exclusion of ransomware discussions from cybercriminal fora has had little effect on the gangs’ operations. A number of forum operators had banned such discussions to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement organizations.
Today's issue includes events affecting Afghanistan, Canada, China, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
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New activity from Russian actor Nobelium (Microsoft On the Issues) Today, we’re sharing the latest activity we’ve observed from the Russian nation-state actor Nobelium. This is the same actor behind the cyberattacks targeting SolarWinds customers in 2020 and which the U.S. government and others have identified as being part of Russia’s foreign intelligence service known as the SVR. Nobelium has been attempting to replicate the…
Microsoft: Russian SVR hacked at least 14 IT supply chain firms since May (BleepingComputer) Microsoft says the Russian-backed Nobelium threat group behind last year's SolarWinds hack is still targeting the global IT supply chain, with 140 resellers and technology service providers attacked and at least 14 breached since May 2021.
Russia Challenges Biden Again With Broad Cybersurveillance Operation (New York Times) The new campaign came only months after President Biden imposed sanctions on Moscow in response to a series of spy operations it had conducted around the world.
SolarWinds Hackers Continue to Hit Technology Companies, Says Microsoft (Wall Street Journal) The Russia-linked hackers behind last year’s compromise of a wide swath of the U.S. government and scores of private companies have redoubled their efforts in recent months, Microsoft cybersecurity experts said
Microsoft says Russia’s APT29 hacked at least 14 IT service providers this year (The Record by Recorded Future) Microsoft said on Monday that a Russian state-sponsored hacking group known as Nobelium and APT29 had attacked more than 140 IT and cloud services providers, successfully breaching 14 companies.
BlackMatter ransomware victims quietly helped using secret decryptor (BleepingComputer) Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft has been secretly decrypting BlackMatter ransomware victims since this summer, saving victims millions of dollars.
Decrypter announced for past BlackMatter ransomware victims (The Record by Recorded Future) Antivirus maker and cybersecurity firm Emsisoft announced today the availability of a free decryption utility for past victims of the BlackMatter ransomware.
NCC Raises Alarm over New Virus Targeting Bank Details (Economic Confidential) The Nigerian Communications Commission has announced that there is a new, high-risk and damaging malware, called ‘Flubot’, targeting Android devices with fake security updates and application installations.
Hackers Infect Employees of Law Firms, Manufacturing Companies, &… (eSentire) New SolarMarker Delivery Mechanism Captures More Corporate Victims with Wider Net
DDoS attacks hit multiple email providers (The Record by Recorded Future) At least three email service providers have been hit by large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Friday, resulting in prolonged outages, The Record has learned.
Microsoft Warns of TodayZoo Phishing Kit Used in Extensive Credential Stealing Attacks (The Hacker News) Microsoft disclosed an "extensive series of credential phishing campaigns" that takes advantage of a custom phishing kit, dubbed "TodayZoo."
Hackers somehow got their rootkit a Microsoft-issued digital signature (ZDNet) FiveSys rootkit somehow used a valid digital signature to help bypass cybersecurity measures in order to steal usernames and passwords from victims.
Researchers Discover Microsoft-Signed FiveSys Rootkit in the Wild (The Hacker News) A newly identified rootkit has been found with a valid digital signature issued by Microsoft.
Malware found in npm package with millions of weekly downloads (The Record by Recorded Future) A massively popular JavaScript library (npm package) was hacked today and modified with malicious code that downloaded and installed a cryptocurrency miner on systems where the compromised versions were installed. The incident was detected on Friday, October 22. It impacted UAParser.js, a JavaScript library for reading information stored inside user-agent strings. According to its official site, the library […]
Gamers beware: Malware and malicious cracked games pose risks (Avast) Reports of a new malware targeting gamers, along with findings on Crackonosh, are reminders that targeting gamers can be big business for cybercriminals. Gamers need to protect themselves against malware and not download illegal, cracked versions of games.
Google bans popular Squid Game app – now you must delete it from your Android phone ( ANDROID users need to check they haven't downloaded a dangerous app from the Google Play Store that's based on the hugely popular Netflix show Squid Game.
The "Squid Game" scam: how to avoid the trap? | Chronicle (Pen Media Inc) Every time the trend sets the entertainment agenda, the Cheating and cheating is the order of the day. Just as trout versions of the best-selling dolls or the most sought-after balls are made, so too cyber crime It condenses when…
Shock for Squid Game Lovers! Delete this app immediately otherwise hackers will take over your phone – netflix series squid game related malicious app warning for smartphone know what research says – ( | Latest Technology Point | News about Mobile, Computer, Reviews) Highlights Squid Game is becoming the favorite of users Hackers are also doing some plans regarding this series These Fake Apps Can Harm Users’ Phone New Delhi. The new favorite series Squid Game is being liked a lot on Netflix. If you are watching this series then maybe you will like it. But it is […]
The popular Squid Game app has been banned by Google, and you must now erase it from your Android device. » Brinkwire (Brinkwire) ANDROID users need to check they haven't downloaded a dangerous app from the Google Play Store that's based on the hugely popular Netflix show Squid Game.
Hacker sells the data for millions of Moscow drivers for $800 (BleepingComputer) Hackers are selling a stolen database containing 50 million records of Moscow driver data on an underground forum for only $800.
База припарковалась у хакеров (Коммерсантъ) В даркнете появились данные автовладельцев Москвы
FIN7 Lures Unwitting Security Pros to Carry Out Ransomware Attacks (Threatpost) The infamous Carbanak operator is looking to juice its ransomware game by recruiting IT staff to its fake Bastion Secure "pen-testing" company.
Missouri Teachers’ Pension Hit by Cyber Attack (Chief Investment Officer) Accessed files contained personal information such as names and possibly birth dates, but not Social Security numbers.
NYT Journalist Repeatedly Hacked with Pegasus after Reporting on Saudi Arabia (The Hacker News) New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard was repeatedly targeted with Israel-based NSO Groups Pegasus spyware over a three-year period.
I Was Hacked. The Spyware Used Against Me Makes Us All Vulnerable. (New York Times) Invasive hacking software sold to countries to fight terrorism is easily abused. Researchers say my phone was hacked twice, probably by Saudi Arabia.
Breaking the News: New York Times Journalist Ben Hubbard Hacked with Pegasus after Reporting on Previous Hacking Attempts (The Citizen Lab) Our forensic analysis of two iPhones belonging to Hubbard found evidence of Pegasus infections in July 2020 and June 2021. Notably, these infections occurred after Hubbard reported in January 2020 that we found that he was targeted in 2018 by the Saudi Arabia-linked Pegasus operator that we call KINGDOM.
'Spyware Will No longer Target French Numbers': Israel Tells France After Pegasus Fallout (The Wire) According to reports, Israeli national security adviser Eyal Hulata secretly visited Paris for talks with his counterparts to end the crisis resulting from the alleged use of Pegasus spyware against Emmanuel Macron and top French officials.
Gigabyte hit by ransomware attack: NDA’d information and customer details leak out with hackers threatening worse (Notebookcheck) A ransomware attack by a group called AvosLocker reportedly hit Gigabyte. As a result of the attack, sensitive information including customer credit card details, NDA'd agreements with Gigabyte partners, and employee payroll information, among other details, were leaked.
Italian celebs' data exposed in ransomware attack on SIAE (BleepingComputer) The Italian data protection authority Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali (GPDP) has announced an investigation into a data breach of the country's copyright protection agency.
Tesco Restores Online Sales After Cyber Attack Freezes Site (Bloomberg) Tesco Plc said its online operations have been restored following an attempted hack on its website and app that left customers unable to place orders with Britain’s largest grocer.
Tesco's online shopping running smoothly after suspected hack (Computing) The firm says there is 'no reason' to believe any customer data was compromised
Routing error caused network outage, South Korean telco KT says (Reuters) South Korean telecom service provider KT Corp said a widespread outage on Monday was due to a "routing error" and not a cyber attack as initially suspected.
Why some Army users had email problems this week (Army Times) This week, Army users faced issues with their email services. Here's what happened.
Ransomware Q3 Roll Up (Digital Shadows) We have reached the end of another quarter, and it is time again for us to have a look back at some of the key cyber events that happened during Q3 2021
Data Protection Report – 2021 (Shred-it) Shred-it’s 2021 Data Protection Report Reveals the Need to Protect Data Has Never Been More Important
Decline in ransomware claims could spark change for cyber insurance (Reseller News) New data highlighting fluctuations relating to ransomware attack and payment claims indicates significant shifts in the cyber threat landscape.
The State of Critical Access Management in Healthcare (SecureLink) Take a look at the current state of third-party security in healthcare and how it's impacting patient privacy and safety.
Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) remains a top priority for 94% of organizations (BlackFog) Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) remains a top priority for 94% of organizations.
Cohesity Research Reveals U.S. Consumers’ Distrust of Corporate Ransom Payouts (Cohesity) New research from Cohesity, a leader in next-gen data management, reveals how Americans feel about corporations giving in to the demands of ransomware
New cyber consultancy Sekuro assembles IPO team (Australian Financial Review) There may still be seven multibillion dollar IPOs to come to market in 2021, but already the pipeline for 2022 is growing.
Proofpoint: Partners to Benefit from Thoma Bravo Acquisition (Channel Futures) Proofpoint will discuss its acquisition by Thoma Bravo, and the latest cybersecurity products it offers, at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.
Singtel divests payment card compliance business for $107.8 million (The Straits Times) The sale is part of the group's review of its digital businesses to optimise resource allocation.. Read more at
Singtel sells off payment card compliance business (ZDNet) Parked under its cybersecurity brand Trustwave, the Singapore telco's SecureTrust business has been divested in a $80 million deal as part of a strategic review to "optimise" the group's resource allocation and growth focus.
Is the CIA Investing in Wickr's Encrypted Communications Platform? (ClearanceJobs) According to a report from Vice Media's Motherboard, In-Q-Tel, a nonprofit investment firm that was started by the CIA, recently made a $1.6 million transfer to the encrypted messaging platform Wickr.
HelpSystems Goes Phishing For Cyber Threat Hunter (IT Jungle) HelpSystems dipped into the security pond again with its acquisition last week of PhishLabs, a Canadian company that develops technology designed to protect organizations from various Internet-based threats, including malicious emails, account takeover, and data leakage. As is the case with most of HelpSystems’ acquisitions, its IBM i customer are expected to be among the
Forcepoint Completes Acquisition of Bitglass (Forcepoint) Bitglass marks Forcepoint’s third technology acquisition in 2021, following Cyberinc and Deep Secure, as the company executes to strategically build, partner and acquire technologies that deliver the industry’s best-in-class SASE platform
Axis Security Wins 2021 CISO Choice Award for Best Startup Security Company (PR Newswire) Axis Security announced today that it has been selected as the winner of the 2021 CISO Choice Awards – Startup Security Company category….
Vulcan Cyber Named a 2021 CISOs Choice Award Winner for Vulnerability Management (PR Newswire) Vulcan Cyber, developers of the industry's only cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application, and cloud security, announced…
SolarWinds on the road to recovery after massive cyber attack (The National) IT company has posted positive financial results in the aftermath of the attack but warns other companies to be vigilant
How Facebook neglected the rest of the world, fueling hate speech and violence in India (Washington Post) A trove of internal documents show Facebook didn’t invest in key safety protocols in the company’s largest market.
Facebook Investors Should Be Worried About iOS 15, But I'm Not Running Away (Seeking Alpha) Mr. Market punished Facebook for the recent outage of its apps and websites, but there's a bigger issue that we need to discuss. The latest iOS update for Apple devices makes it difficult for Facebook to track user data, which could result in a multi-billion-dollar hit to company revenue.
Crackdown by US hardens Huawei's resolve to boost new tech R&D (Global Times) Boosted by Chinese government’s support for building massive domestic market demand for new and advanced technologies, Huawei Technologies, armed with its superior 5G and AI empowered solutions, is integrating closely with nearly all major segments of Chinese economy to aid the “century transition” – pulling the country ahead in economic growth.
Spotlight on Ireland’s strength in cyber risk solutions (independent) The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for every type of company in a myriad different ways. Some of these challenges have lessened as we slowly get back to some sort of normality, but one area that will remain high on the business agenda is cybersecurity – and the increased risk of cybercrime and cyberattacks.
Cybersecurity jobs abound in Mohawk Valley region (Observer-Dispatch) There are numerous cybersecurity themed jobs available in the country, Mohawk Valley region.
French cyber security company Thales will soon open office in Ukraine (Interfax-Ukraine) French Thales, which specializes in the development of high-tech products for defense and security, aerospace and transportation, intends to open an office in Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation said on its Telegram channel on Saturday.
Noname Security Taps AppSec Advocate Matt Tesauro to Lead Security Evangelism (Yahoo Finance) Noname Security, the API security company, today announced the appointment of Matt Tesauro as its API Security Evangelist. Tesauro will engage with Noname customers and the security industry at large, contributing to standards bodies and sharing his experience, insights and strategies on API security.
Radware Launches New Capabilities to Mitigate Encrypted DDoS Attacks Without Compromising Business Needs (GlobeNewswire News Room) New algorithms provide encrypted attack mitigation at scale and with greater accuracy…
Insurer HSB Acquires Cybersecurity Firm Zeguro (PYMNTS) The specialty insurer HSB has acquired a digital cybersecurity platform from security provider Zeguro, as SMB customers benefit from access to new resources.
Area 1 Security And SolCyber Partner To Deliver The Only Managed Preemptive Cloud Email Security To The Midmarket (AiThority)  Area 1 Security has been selected as the primary cloud email security provider for all customers of SolCyber, the first modern MSSP for the midmarket. Area 1's industry-first preemptive cloud email security stops phishing campaigns 24 days
Virtru launches zero-trust key management for entire Google ecosystem (VentureBeat) Virtru's zero-trust software protects data throughout its lifecycle as it travels through email and file-sharing platforms
NetSfere Extends the Power of Its Industry Leading CPaaS Platform to Developers and Enterprises with the Launch of the New Omnichannel Portal (GlobeNewswire News Room) New user-friendly portal enables developers and enterprises to deliver rich, personalized experiences, including critical communication alerts, reminders,…
Collective Defense Really Can Thwart Ransomware Attacks (The Cipher Brief) Collective Defense really can thwart ransomware attacks
UN cyberattack? Simulation game stresses challenges of responsible attribution (SC Media) SC Media previews Kaspersky's capacity-building exercise for global cyber diplomats and policy experts, which emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and communication.
Kicking off #BeIdentitySmart Week! (Identity Defined Security Alliance) The Identity Defined Security Alliance, a nonprofit providing free vendor-neutral security resources, kicked off #BeIdentitySmart Week.
Ransomware needs its own kill chain framework (SC Media) The threat landscape has gotten more pervasive and complex – and that’s why ransomware needs its own kill chain framework.
New Sex Toy Standards Let Some Sensitive Details Slide (Wired) The industry now has official guidance on design, materials, and more, but not security and privacy best practices.
A SANS 2021 Report: Making Revolutionary Gains in Security on Your Endpoints (Keysight) There is an old saying about network security: “The internet is actually pretty secure — it is all those vulnerable endpoints that are the problems.” You need to keep applications, customers, and data safe. That means taking control of a rapidly expanding attack surface and stopping attackers from gaining a foothold in your network. Securing network endpoints is a complex problem, but it is not unsolvable. Read the SANS report to learn more.
Should organisations expand in-house security teams or outsource their security? (Times of India) There has been an amplification of cybersecurity challenges sparked by the pandemic…
'Let's finally take the fight to the bad actors' – Trend Micro (Arabian Business) Cybersecurity leader's MENA VP set out a new battle plan for the region's enterprises at GITEX, as they prepare to mount defences fit for the new normal
How AI is reinventing what computers are (MIT Technology Review) Three key ways artificial intelligence is changing what it means to compute.
The Biggest mistakes in training AI models – ET CIO ( ETCIO brings you the three biggest mistakes that people make while training their AI models and how you can avoid falling into these traps.
Army looking for new login and ICAM solution (FedScoop) The Army needs an "enterprise-scalable login service" for its regular and National Guard and reserve components.
The Army's New Electronic Warfare Stryker Vehicle Will Be a Triple Threat (The National Interest) The Army's Stryker armored vehicles are getting an electronic warfare system combining an unprecedented trifecta of capabilities: cyberwarfare, signals intelligence and electronic attack.
Is your university prepared for a cyber-attack? (Education Technology) Every organisation is vulnerable, so planning accordingly and reacting promptly will mitigate the impact in the event you are targeted.
CrowdStrike Co-Founder Dmitri Alperovitch and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Launch the Alperovitch Institute for Cybersecurity Studies (PRWeb) WASHINGTON (PRWEB) October 22, 2021 CrowdStrike and Silverado Policy Accelerator co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch and Maureen Hinman and Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Stu
Canton High School Wins 2021 Governor's High School Cyber Challenge (WISTV) High school teams from across Michigan came together virtually on October 8, 2021 for the finals of the Governor's High School Cyber Challenge, a cybersecurity competition hosted by the State of Michigan.
High School Students Take Part In Michigan Cyber Summit ( The 10th Michigan Cyber Summit (formerly the North American International Cyber Summit), hosted by Gov. Gretch…
Updated Cybercrime Pact Aims to Speed Cross-Border Investigations (Wall Street Journal) Proposed changes to the Budapest Convention are an attempt to inject some alacrity into sluggish cross-jurisdictional inquiries that give hackers time to disappear along with evidence.
Pakistan using informal intelligence channels to prop up Taliban fight against ISIS (Washington Post) As the Islamic State-Khorasan is ramping up attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan is using a network of informal channels to feed intelligence and technical support to the Taliban to combat the threat, according to two Taliban leaders.
Russia Is Censoring the Internet, With Coercion and Black Boxes (New York Times) Quietly built over two years, the Kremlin’s censorship infrastructure gives it sweeping power to block sites. Many fear a new age of digital isolation.
Russia is using new tactics to censor the internet, including slowing down access to websites (Reclaim The Net) Russia is also in the process of creating its own "internet."
Israel, France hold 'secret' talks on row over Pegasus spyware scandal (The New Arab) Israel said it is taking 'seriously' allegations that Pegasus spyware developed by NSO Group was used to target politicians, including five senior French ministers.
Israel Vows to Ban Hacking of French Phones (Asharq AL-awsat) The Israeli national security advisor Eyal Hulata met with the top adviser to the French president, Emmanuel Bonne, to discuss the alleged hacking of French ministers by a client of NSO Group, the Israeli spyware maker. According to security sources
Counterintelligence Head Narrows Focus to Five Technologies Critical to U.S. Dominance (Wall Street Journal) The U.S.’s top counterintelligence official said he is sharpening his team’s priorities in order to conduct an effective outreach campaign about the expansive efforts by China and Russia to collect cutting-edge research.
US Intel Warns China Could Dominate Advanced Technologies (SecurityWeek) U.S. officials are issuing new warnings about China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence and a range of advanced technologies that could eventually give Beijing a decisive military edge
China Flaunts Its Offensive Cyber Power (War on the Rocks) States have long valued military parades. They allow countries to flaunt their most powerful tanks, aircraft, and missiles. However, what can a country do
A Hypothetical Command Vision Statement for a Fictional PLA Cyber Command (Lawfare) What would be the impact of other cyber powers adopting U.S. Cyber Command’s Command Vision concepts in pursuing their own security interests?
The US needs to reinvent its alliances. Today’s threats demand it. (Atlantic Council) When it comes to working with allies, business-as-usual won’t cut it anymore for the United States—especially in the face of growing Chinese and Russian competition.
America’s Crypto Conundrum (Foreign Affairs) Protecting security without crushing innovation.
U.S. House passes 4 bills related to telecom security, open RAN (FierceWireless) This week, the House of Representatives passed four bi-partisan communications and technology bills, which will now move to the Senate for consideration.
Cyberattacks to critical infrastructure threaten our safety and well-being (The Conversation) An increasing number of cyberattacks threaten critical infrastructures. These attacks exploit weaknesses in outdated and insecure systems.
National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure (Public Safety Canada) The goal of the National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure is to build a safer, more secure and more resilient Canada.
Ransomware Requires More than Piecemeal Federal Mandates (The Cipher Brief) PRIVATE SECTOR EXPERT VIEW — Over the last eight years, the volume of successful ransomware attacks has reached pandemic levels. The U.S. Cyber Executive Order […] More
Facebook exec says tech firms needs stronger regulation (Computing) Big tech is under fire for rampant misinformation and prolific hate speech
Rhode Island Cybersecurity Summit Addresses Election Risks (GovTech) Local elections officials were reminded of a new and different challenge facing the country’s election systems on Wednesday at Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea’s virtual summit on cybersecurity.
NC officials using new technology to stop cyber and ransomware attacks (WNCT) One official said many of these attacks involve rural municipalities.
Israeli officials to share with U.S. 'unequivocal' intel against Palestinian NGOs ( The State Prosecutor's Office gave the green light to the Israeli Defense Ministry's decision to dub the six Palestinian NGOs as terror groups after it reviewed evidence
REvil ransomware gang allegedly forced offline by law enforcement counterattacks (Naked Security) One down. Lots more to go. Here’s what to do…
REvil's latest disappearance down to multi-govt ops – report (Register) The second vanishing of the cybergang… for now
REvil Ransomware Gang Hit by Law Enforcement Hack-Back Operation (SecurityWeek) The global fight against ransomware took a new twist this week with the United States leading a law enforcement effort to hack back and disrupt a Russian cybercriminal gang.
Groove ransomware calls on all extortion gangs to attack US interests (BleepingComputer) The Groove ransomware gang is calling on other extortion groups to attack US interests after law enforcement took down REvil's infrastructure last week.
Windows ransomware gang moves earnings, others slam US after REvil takedown (iTWire) A number of Windows ransomware gangs have reacted to the reported takedown of the REvil gang, with one of them, Darkside, now known as BlackMatter, moving some of the bitcoin it holds, according to a statement from the cryptocurrency tracking firm Elliptic. The company said the DarkSide gang had rec…
A Rare Win in the Cat-and-Mouse Game of Ransomware (New York Times) A team of private security sleuths, in their first public detailing of their efforts, discuss how they used cybercriminals’ mistakes to quietly help victims recover their data.
Ex-Saudi Official Claims Damaging Intel Against Crown Prince (US News and World Report) A former senior Saudi security official who helped oversee joint counter-terrorism efforts with the U.S. claims the kingdom’s crown prince once spoke of killing a sitting Saudi monarch before his own father was crowned king.
Ex-Saudi official says he was targeted by a hit team after fleeing to Canada (TheHill) A former official in the Saudi Arabian government said in a new interview that he was targeted by a hit team after fleeing to Canada following the 2017 takeover by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
Australia proposes hefty fines for privacy breaches (Computing) The country is specifically targetting social media platforms – the boogeyman du jour
A fight in Missouri shows the damage of overbroad hacking laws (Washington Post) When the St. Louis Post-Dispatch uncovered dangerous bugs in a state website, Gov. Mike Parson (R) lashed out at the newspaper rather than at the education department's shoddy security.
Facebook sues Ukrainian who scraped the data of 178 million users (The Record by Recorded Future) Facebook has filed a lawsuit on Friday against a Ukrainian national for allegedly scraping its website and selling the personal data of more than 178 million users on an underground cybercrime forum.
Cybersecurity-Related Oversight Duty Breach Claim Against Marriott Board Dismissed (The D&O Diary) Last month, when the Delaware Court of Chancery sustained the breach of the duty of oversight claim against the Boeing board, some observers suggested we
IPO-bound unicorn MobiKwik under RBI scanner for data breach (Hindu Businessline) Fintech has submitted forensic audit report to regulator, RTI response shows
Chico State graduate charged in data breach; professor cleared (The Orion) The Butte County District Attorney’s Office has charged a recent Chico State graduate with two misdemeanor counts of unauthorized computer access following the August data breach at Chico State that revealed the names of students requesting exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine. The news was first reported by Action News Now.  According to the DA’s press…
Employees Say Navistar Failed To Prevent Data Breach (Law360) Truck and diesel engine maker Navistar Inc. failed to properly protect the personal information of thousands of its current and former employees from a data breach and waited too long to tell them about it, according to a proposed class action filed Thursday.
Mike Lindell's Alabama election hack claim countered by GOP official: "Didn't have any issues" (Newsweek) The MyPillow CEO previously told 'The Jeff Poor Show' that there were "five different ways" hackers could access Alabama's voting machines.
Social media threat prompts extra security in Bedford County Schools (WKRN News 2) The post circulating on the social media app Snapchat poses threats against students and staff at Shelbyville Central High School and Harris Middle School.
For a complete running list of events, please visit the Event Tracker.
Mind the Gap: Concept versus Reality in Cybersecurity (Virtual, Oct 26, 2021) The gap between theoretically good cybersecurity and practical cybersecurity often seems enormous. Panelists from leading cybersecurity companies will discuss how to “mind the gap” and move from theory to practice to improve cybersecurity. Hosted by the Cyber Threat Alliance, speakers will include: Jaya Baloo (CISO, Avast), Jen Ellis (Vice President of Community and Public Affairs, Rapid7), Wendi Whitmore (Senior Vice President, Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks), and Michael Daniel (President & CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance).
Anomali Detect LIVE 2021 (Virtual, Nov 3, 2021) As the industry’s premier global cybersecurity intelligence event, Detect LIVE is where security executives, practitioners, threat analysts, and researchers from all over the world share their insights and expertise on how they use intelligence-driven detection and response to combat surging adversaries. Participants will gain knowledge that empowers them to manage risk better, become more resilient, and stop breaches and attacks. On Nov. 3, the virtual event will begin with “Informing an Intelligent Response: Best Practices for Breaking Down Silos and Infusing Threat Intelligence Into Your Security Program.” The session will feature a presentation from Lance Taylor, Team Lead, Cyber Threat Intelligence at CLEAR, the secure identity company. The opening segment will be followed by a session from Kevin Tongs, Director, Customer Success for EMEA, Flashpoint, and a panel discussion including Taylor, Tongs, and Anomali Chief Product Officer Mark Alba. Attendees will learn how utilizing threat intelligence can break down silos across their organization and help Inform an intelligent response.
CyberSecure, hosted by MIT Technology Review (Virtual, Nov 16 – 17, 2021) CyberSecure, from MIT Technology Review, unpacks the evolving threat landscape, outlines the technologies and innovations involved in attack and defense, and provides the trusted insights and actionable strategies needed to protect your organization from cyberattack. Hear from expert speakers, participate in live programming and Q&A, and grow your professional network in an immersive, virtual format focused on the attendee experience.
Virtual Cybersecurity Summit Series (Virtual, Jul 8 – Nov 14, 2021) As the first community organizer to bring the live, immersive experience to cybersecurity conferences in North America, Data Connectors has conducted more than 50 virtual events to it's members. We are happy to announce that the Virtual Cybersecurity Summit Series will continue in 2021. summits feature industry experts, government agencies and innovative solution providers all bringing real world experience & knowledge to the forefront on specific cybersecurity topics and concerns.
The DataTribe Challenge 2021 (Fulton and Virtual, Maryland, United States, Sep 1 – Nov 3, 2021) The DataTribe Challenge is a unique annual competition that brings together the best entrepreneurs in the world looking to disrupt cybersecurity and data science. DataTribe selects three finalists that split $20,000 in prize money and one winner that could receive up to $2 million in seed capital. Finalists are announced on 10/14/21. The Challenge concludes in a pitch event on 11/3/21 where three finalists present to and network with cyber industry luminaries in-person. DataTribe will announce the winner at the end of this event.
Cyber Security Trade Mission to South America (Various, Oct 18 – 25, 2021) The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA), is organizing a Cybersecurity Business Development Mission to Santiago, Chile; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Lima, Peru, October 18-22, 2021, along with an optional stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 25, 2021.The purpose of this trade mission is to introduce U.S. firms to rapidly expanding markets for cyber-security products and services in South America. The mission will help participating firms and trade associations to gain market insights, make industry contacts, solidify business strategies, and advance specific projects, with the goal of increasing U.S. exports to Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. By participating in an official U.S. industry delegation, rather than traveling to Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina on their own, U.S. companies will enhance their ability to secure meetings in those countries and gain greater exposure to the region.
Fifth Annual Cipher Brief Threat Conference (Sea Island (and Virtual), Georgia, USA, Oct 24 – 26, 2021) The Cipher Brief Threat Conference is the premier forum for public-private engagement on national security issues. This non-partisan discussion of global threats and solutions creates high-level engagement opportunities focused on a deeper understanding of national and global security threats. This year's agenda focuses on the future of the Intelligence Community, the importance of alliances and the race for both technology and talent in a world where open source and data rule the day and classic espionage is more difficult than ever. Confirmed speakers include: PDDNI Dr. Stacey Dixon, CISA Director Jen Easterly, Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia, General Keith Alexander (Ret.), General David Petraeus (Ret.), General Michael Hayden (Ret.), former PDDNI The Hon. Susan Gordon, Accenture Global Cyber Lead Kelly Bissell, Norman Roule, Rick Ledgett, NCTC Director Christy Abizaid, Director of Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Lieutenant General Michael Groen, Deputy Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division Tonya Ugoretz, and more.
Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference (San Diego, California, USA, Oct 25 – 27, 2021) Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference provides a unique education experience that blends together the digital forensics and cybersecurity industries for collaboration between government and private sectors. It has grown into one of the most important resources for corporate network security professionals, federal, state and local law enforcement digital forensic specialists, and cybersecurity industry leaders from around the world. The purpose is to raise international awareness of developments, teaching, training, responsibilities, and ethics in the field of IT security and digital forensics.


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