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LYNDON, Vt. (AP) — Efforts are underway to preserve and promote the town of Lyndon’s historic covered bridges.
The Northeast Kingdom town has five covered bridges, the second highest number of any community in Vermont, after Montgomery, which has six, the Caledonian Record reported.
Town Planning Administrator Nicole Gratton and Chamber of Commerce President Sarah Lafferty are leading the effort as a way to boost tourism and set the community apart.
“The greater picture for these bridges is to position them as beautiful and attractive tourist attractions, to become vibrant and active local places, and to serve as locations that can spur new economic vitality,” Gratton said.
The town owns four of the bridges; a fifth is privately owned.
The Lyndon Area Chamber of Commerce has commissioned a study to determine the structural needs of the bridges and is seeking grant funding. Gratton believes the bridges can be transformed from means of travel to destinations in themselves through grant-funded improvements. The bridges or adjacent areas could host pop-up markets, bars and art installations; converted into tourist attractions and gift shops; and incorporated into road races or other community events, the newspaper reported.
“We should be leveraging what we have and what we have are these bridges,” Gratton said.
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