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Hint: It’s not the Lions.
As Detroit sports fans, we’ve been through some tough times, but nothing compares to what we’re dealing with right now. All four major Detroit sports teams are in their rebuilding phase, so we’re used to losing. The Lions and Red Wings haven’t made the playoffs since 2016. For the Tigers, it’s been seven years, and while the Pistons did make a playoff appearance in 2019, they were swept by the Bucks and proceeded to dump all of their best players to finally start a true rebuild.
There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. It seems like the Lions finally have their head coach to get them out of this mess, they just need to acquire the talent needed to compete. The Red Wings have done a fantastic job of building through the draft and have already brought some excitement in 2021. Meanwhile, the Pistons broke the bad lottery luck streak and landed a potential superstar in Cade Cunningham. And lastly, the Tigers have acquired so many high draft picks that it seems like maybe they’re finally going to turn a new leaf in the next couple of years.
That leads us to today’s Question of the Day…
My answer: Red Wings.
If I had to rank the teams in order of who has the best shot of winning a championship in the next five or six years, it would be as follows:
1. Red Wings
2. Tigers
3. Pistons
4. Lions
This isn’t to say. I don’t believe in the Lions, because I think they are the furthest away based on talent. There aren’t really that many stars on this football team, while the other major Detroit teams seem to already have some of their building blocks in place. I’d place the Tigers over the Pistons just purely based on the level of parity between the two sports, but to me, it’s very close and I don’t know if there is a wrong answer here.
Your turn.


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