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After the Timberwolves dropped a third straight game on Wednesday, falling 126-115 to the Clippers, Karl-Anthony Towns‘ Twitter account liked a tweet that included the “#FreeKAT” hashtag. However, Towns said on Thursday that he wasn’t responsible for that like, which happened when he was asleep.
“Honestly, I woke up this morning, my agent hit me up and was like, ‘Karl, what is this?’” Towns said on Thursday, per Dane Moore of Blue Wire (Twitter link). “I was like, ‘What the f— are you talking about?’ I hadn’t woke up yet for the whole day.”
Towns went on to explain that only three people – him, his agent Jessica Holtz, and his close friend Chucky Anthony – have access to his Twitter account, and he didn’t believe any of them liked the #FreeKAT tweet.
“I know Chucky didn’t do it because he was in the hospital with his father. I know he didn’t have time to do that,” Towns said. “Jess never has used it. So, got hacked, easy thing, fixed the password.
“Sorry to the Wolves fans. I ain’t want to cause no hysteria or anything like that. But just know I’m very happy. I know we’re on a skid so it came at the worst possible time, that little hacking. I’m excited to hopefully build more years here, not just this year.”
It’s hard to believe a hacker would’ve gained access to Towns’ account simply to like a single tweet. However, as Jon Krawczynski writes for The Athletic, there’s also little reason to think that Towns wants to leave Minnesota, even if the hacking story strains credulity.
Towns has repeatedly stated that he wants to win with the Timberwolves, and spoke at the end of last season about wanting to have a long career with one team, like Tim Duncan with the Spurs or Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. The Wolves also aren’t off to a terrible start this season. Despite the current three-game losing streak, Minnesota has a 3-4 overall record, putting the team in the play-in mix in the early going.
Still, as Krawczynski notes, there are plenty of teams around the league that will continue to closely monitor Towns’ situation in case anything changes. His current maximum-salary contract runs through the 2023/24 season.
And I have a 12 inch
12 inch ruler ? Cool
Ill never understand why playing in one team is valued that high in USA culture. Its the same thing in the other major sports? serious question
A lot of the old school folks like it. Especially when baseball was in its heyday and extremely popular and Guys stayed with one team their whole career. Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench, Etc I think people loved that. Same folks that say free agency ruined baseball.
Myself, I love free agency and trades and building your roster every year. I love being a Red Sox fan because it seems that with a big-market team every year they spend a little money to try to compete. Not too many years where they don’t sign a few guys.
But I’m Different, I like change, I have a different vehicle every year and I move around and travel a lot. For the most part I get that folks like consistency. Quarterbacks who stay with the same team their whole career mostly stuff like that.
But people move around more. They don’t stay in Los Angeles and root for Cey and Lopes and Garvey and Rick Monday and Steve Yeager for 10 years. Players move around and we move around more today.
I think a guy like LeBron James did it right. He was drafted by his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers and stayed there for what 7 or 8 years? That’s pretty loyal to me even though fans chided him for leaving and going to the Miami Heat as a free agent.
I don’t get what the fuss was about, he stayed for enough time to be loyal to the team that drafted him. He even took it a step further and went back for a couple of seasons 2 quench the hate he received.
For instance Kevin Garnett, who stayed in Minnesota 12 years I think, said he made a mistake by staying that long before moving on and trying to win somewhere else. He regretted staying that long and being loyal that long.
I think the NBA tried to reduce the amount of movement by giving teams the ability to tie up a draftee for five years before they reach unrestricted free agency. I think that’s fair and a good compromise.
Thanks, so its a “thing” in the other sports too. Its absolutely irrelevant to me… and i mean… the Wolves fans would take 100% having KAT one year and give them a Title over him playing his entire career there to be a playoff contender at best. Like the Raptors ecuation with Kawhi, i guess that they love Kawhi even if he played one year.
The man is righteous so take him at his word on the hacking. Does he want to stay in god forsaken Minnesota long term ? Why.
Probably was drunk. Or a friend or family
member took his phone.
The password that got hacked was #FreeKAT, I wonder how they knew?
This is Minnesota’s best team in years. They could make the in tournament if they beat the bad teams. Edwards is looking more everyday on being a future star. What they lack is better defense.
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