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Woolworths has shared a "lifesaving" shopping hack on TikTok to save customers time looking for items on their grocery list next time they're in-store.
Posted yesterday to the @Woolworths_au TikTok channel, the 22-second video features celebrity Woolies staffer Liam Kirley who demonstrates the simple hack for customers.
“This is a shopping hack to find groceries at Woolworths!” says Liam in the video, which is captioned: “Ever noticed these in store?”
Liam proceeds to walk to the end of an aisle in his local Woolworths store, where he inspects a laminated store directory hanging from the end of the aisle on a chain.
“At the end of each aisle there are these store directories that tell you where a product family is. If you’re looking for honey, it says that it’s in aisle three, so we make sure to go to aisle three and there’s our honey,” says Liam.
Each store directory groups items into alphabetised product families, such as glassware, hair care, pet needs, soft drinks, skin care and more – which you can see in the directory in the video.
“I was a bit thirsty so I wanted to find some water, but I didn’t realise I was in the right aisle… that’s a bit embarrassing,” jokes Liam at the end of the video as he pans down to a water display and then stares embarrassed into the camera.
The video has since clocked up over 39,700 views and 4,145 likes from users who claimed the directories were very useful when trying to navigate the store.
“Yes, this is why I love Woolworths. They are actual lifesavers,” wrote one shopper.
“I use those cards quite often – especially now my Woolies has a new layout,” wrote a second customer.
While others were confused that the directories weren’t universal knowledge: “I use these all the time. Did people not already know this?!”
Others even pointed out that the store directories were useful for those with social anxiety and don’t want to ask a staff member where to find an item.
However, several shoppers lamented that not all stores had the store directories.
"Not all stores have it and if you ask where something is at the Marrickville store they give you attitude," said a frustrated user.
"Woolies Cleveland got rid of them. Even though I work there I need them so bad," said a Woolworths employee.
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Meanwhile, several shoppers took to the comments to share their own hacks, citing the Woolworths app has the same functionality.
“I use the app to help me, depending on the product it will tell you what aisle,” wrote a savvy shopper.
“Now with the Woolies app it’s even easier,” said another.
Other shoppers even requested a TikTok video on using the app to locate items in the future to help customers find their way around the store.
When searching for products or creating a shopping list in the Woolworths app, shoppers can find the aisle number or section at the top of each individual product.
However, shoppers must ensure they select a specific store in order to find the appropriate aisle during their shop, as not all stores have the same layout.
Another clever function of the Woolworths app allows you to scan the barcode of products to save them to your cart if you’re using the new Scan&Go contactless shopping option.
Scan&Go allows customers to shop in three easy steps: scan the barcodes, pay in-app and checkout through the Scan&Go exit, so you can skip the queue.
Customers using Scan&Go can also use the “cool new” artificial intelligence-based scanners, which were featured in a recent Woolworths TikTok video, and allow shoppers to quickly and accurately add loose fresh produce to their cart.
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