Woolworths supermarket shopper’s hack for turning Woolies $3 donuts into CHURROS using your air fryer goes viral on TikTok – 7NEWS Leave a comment

A Woolworths supermarket shopper’s hack for creating churros in your air fryer with just one $3 buy has gone viral.
Sharing on TikTok, user Adam said his mum invented the simple trick, which he described as the “best thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life”.
Watch the Woolies shopper’s air fryer hack above
In the footage, Adam shows how he simply cooks Woolworth’s Cinnamon Donuts – which cost $3 for a pack of 12 – in his air fryer for four minutes to turn them into instant churros.
The simple cooking trick means you can create an easy replica of the popular dessert, with no messy batters, deep-frying or effort.
“My mum just invented the best thing that I’ve ever tasted in my entire life,” he said in the TikTok video.
“I’m going to show you exactly what it is, right now.
“These are $3 Woolworths Cinnamon Donuts, these are cheap as.
“All you need are these donuts and an air fryer.”
Explaining the technique, Adam – who uses the handle @shop.elle on TikTok- said he cooked them for four minutes at 200C.
Halfway through the cooking process, he flipped the donuts over so they can cook evenly.
“Right, they’re done – so we’re going to take them out, chuck them on a plate,” he said after the four minutes of cooking time.
“Then we’re going to use Ice Magic and drizzle that on top. We just made churros.”
The simple hack has attracted a big response on TikTok, with 30,000 views.
“Nutella is better! Tried these today!” said one.


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